Real Estate, Property Management.

​Building Community one home at a time.

Stork Country

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 e-mail: Tel: [830.200.1483]

What can you expect?

1. We expect your tenant to buy you a property (with their rent.)

2. You can expect good communication from us. 

3. You can expect your property to be maintained in good, safe conditions at all times

4.  You can expect quality and integrity in all we do for you.

 Why use us?

1. We have been successfully managing our own properties since 2001 in two different states. 

2. We know "cash-flow is king."

3. We cater to the high end home-owners and those who lease from them.  High end is based on pride of ownership/occupancy, not  size or price

What can we do for you?

1. Manage your property, honestly.

       A.  prepare your property for lease.

       B.  find the right person to lease your property.

       C.  ensure repairs are completed in a timely manner.

       D.  collect rent.

2. Help you find real estate property in which to invest.

3. Help you remodel your investment. 

Our business model:

If we won't live in it - we won't lease it out to the public.