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We want to build community. Get to know new businesses, people and wines at our monthly events.





1st Friday WineShare

The main reason you're on this website.


We lease homes to high end clients who would like unique homes with the carefree benefits of someone else maintaining it for them.  


Unique homes

Thank you, Kerrville's Chamber of Commerce, for hosting the Augusty 1st Friday WineShare!

 e-mail: Tel: [830.200.1483]

Gary, "I have to share with you that a couple of my friends have asked about the management of the rentals.  Because of you, I can say it’s all great, and I don’t have to worry about it anymore.  Far different from the days before we met you.  That’s a big compliment to you!  If you ever need a reference for a new client, I’d be happy to share how pleased we are with your service." S.Briggs, Real Estate Investor. March 2016

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StorkCountry is a real estate company. We think of ourselves as Blue Collar MBAs. We work hard for you to buy/sell properties or we can manage your real estate investments. Let us work hard for you today. 


Real Estate, Property Management.

​Building Community one home at a time.

Stork Country

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 Real Estate!

Realtors, General Contractors, Maintence, Honest Property Management.